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Refresh with our Newest Line of Aromatherapy Products this year!
Grapefruit, White Grapefruit, Pink Grapefruit, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Sweet Orange scent the glycerin-rich creamy avocado cucumber combined with olive oil to create a soap that is refreshing and soothing at the same time.  Why not take a bath with the Dead Sea & Bolivian Pink Salt Blend with Goat milk to pamper your beautiful skin. Step out and spritz yourself with the light refreshing Gracious Grapefruit Body Mist Pamper yourself  with  luxurious creamy lotion with MSM  to nurture your clean skin.
We hope you can find everything you need.  Robin's Nest Soap, Scents, 'n' Spa is located in Tega Cay, South Carolina just over the border from Charlotte, North Carolina.  We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction and will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
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Natural Goat Milk & Shea Butter Soap is Excellent for Sensitive Skin.
Simply made with
Saponified Oils of Coconut and Soybean, Goat Milk, which is rich with Lactic Acid (tightens skin), Water and Shea Butter, which helps the skin when exposed to the sun. Our Goat Milk with Shea Butter Soap is a natural tan color. The goat milk used is from a herd of goats that has not been fed hormones to increase milk production
Our soaps are cured for at least 6 weeks prior to sale, offering a great pH balance for your skin, as well as a longer-lasting bar of soap, saving you money!
$4.50 for 4 oz. size
$ 2.50 for our 2 oz. Carolina Guest-size.
Check out some of the testimonials on our Contact page guest book.
FYI:  Goat milk is excellent for the skin!  Cleopatra, known for her beauty, often took long luxurious Goat Milk baths. The skin benefits by the rich nutrients and the natural skin softening agents in Goat Milk. The milk used in these soaps is from a herd that has not been fed chemicals or hormones to increase milk production, so the milk is naturally produced.  Goat milk helps rejuvenate the skin in many ways, and is becoming more recognized for treating acne as well.  While the natural proteins and lactic acids contribute to healthier, younger looking skin, the high amounts of fat, iron and vitamins play significant roles in healing the skin.  With these essential vitamins A, B, C, D, and a pH level which is close to the human skin's pH balance, goat milk helps neutralize the effects of bacteria that cause skin infections such as acne.  Goat Milk offers antibacterial, as well as anti-inflammatory benefits.  Though goat milk is not a cure all for all acne cases, it can relieve dry itchy skin, and prevent future swelling and redness caused from acne by creating a protective layer called the acid mantle on the skin, which neutralizes many microbes, such as viruses, contaminants and bacteria.  We have about 40 different Goat Milk and Shea Butter soaps availableto appeal to the senses of both genders. Here is a partial list:
Jewelweed - with real Jewelweed oil and herb, no scent: is often recommended for bathing after strolls through poison oak or ivy, or weeding around and potentially coming in contact with these three leaf terrors!  Do you know that Jewelweed is often found growing right alongside of poison oak and poison ivy?   Get ready for spring yard work!  Buy one now so you have it on hand when you need it.  Do you have itchy skin? Jewelweed is traditionally known for relieving itchiness! $4.50
Calendula - unscented, is also a treat for sensitive skin.  Calendula is known for many health benefits but is most recognized for its effectiveness with skin problems, such as wounds, burns, insect bites, eczema, and skin ulcers.  $4.50
Eucalyptus & Spearmint - with freshly picked eucalyptus leaves, and spearmint, with a hint of lavender and sage, refreshes and opens up the sinuses while creating a feeling of clean. Small bits of Mint leaves speckle the soap.  This is definitely a wake-up bath bar!  $4.50 
Carolina Lavender - aids relaxation and rest.  Tiny lavender bud bits enhance the soap.  Lavender is also excellent for the scalp and skin.  Lavender is always a favorite!  $4.50
Other Goat Milk Soaps are:
Amelia's Citrus Swirl -is named after a very creative student who reminds us of our daughter that passed away at age 22.  The light citrus scent is blended in with a mix of colors swirled into the goat milk and shea.  $4.50
Applejack Peel - A Claire Burke duplication.  Wonderful fresh apple aroma with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. Fantastic!  It makes you want to breathe in again and again to catch the pleasant aroma! $4.50
A very light scent.  A Pier 1 type duplication. Strong top notes of tart blackberries, mulberries, and orange zests; middle notes of nutmeg, rose petals; bottom notes of fresh green sage leaves, red clover, and a dry down of vanilla.  A very pleasing scent for those who enjoy a gentle garden scent. $4.50 
The Great Outdoors-Seasonal:A duplication of Yankee's balsam.  This fresh pine balsam aroma is great for Christmas time, or all year round.  If you like the aroma of evergreen, you will like this scent.  Very outdoors!  A favorite with men and women. $4.50 
Cocoa Mint - The aroma of creamy peppermint and vanilla with a strong down of bitter sweet chocolate will tease your senses.  Mint is always great to quicken the mind.  Chocolate always adds a touch of comfort scent. $4.50 
Fresh Clean Cotton - A Best Seller!  A wonderful designer fragrance that duplicates Bath and Body Works type.  A sweet and subtle blend of jasmine, violet and gardenia, with a sparkle of lemon zests on a dry down of vanilla.  We call this our favorite for those who like just a clean, fresh scent.$4.50
Zesty Cranberry  -Seasonal: A refreshing blend of cranberries, figs, and orange zests with hints of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Supply is seasonal, therefore not always available.  $4.50
Fresh Water Cucumber-A Best Seller!  The aroma of fresh water cucumber and a deep green oily note with hints of violet, with a background of sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon.  Very Mellow.  We carry this year round because of its popularity.  Whenever I use this scent in my items, my husband always comes in and asks,  "What is that scent? I really like it!"   $4.50
Egyptian musk -The romantic aroma of true Egyptian musk.  Most musk scents are used as base notes of other complex fragrances.  If you like musk, you will like this soap!  It is definitely the choice for a heavy romantic date if your date likes musk.  $4.50
Gingerbread -Seasonal:  A Best Seller!  A nice spiced cookie, a freshly baked character with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.  This is a seasonal soap, limited supply, and not always available.  $4.50
Honey Almond -Wonderful aroma of toasted almonds and sweet honey.  If you like the scent of almond, you will like this soap! $4.50
Carolina Cherokee -A Best Seller!  Strong top notes of strawberries and green apples and pears; middle notes of geranium and basil; bottom notes of oak and fresh greenery.  Very Complex!  You get a whiff of one scent, but it quickly reminds you of another, then another.  A personal favorite.  $4.50
Carolina Lilac -A Best Seller! The aroma of a freshly blooming lilac bush under the light of the Carolina Moon is surely a treat for one with a feminine romantic inclination.  $4.50
Carolina Lily of the Valley -A very fresh and green muguet de bois; true to name lily of the valley aroma.  If you like the light scent of lily, you will surely enjoy this one!  $4.50
Carolina Mulberry Moon -A classic mulberry, full and fruity! Men particularly find this a sensuous scent.  $4.50
Southern Nag Champa - The wonderful aroma of incense; patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon's blood work together to create this wonderful blend. A scent for those who like those particular fragrances. $4.50
Carolina Hippie Patchouli -An earthy aroma of true herbal patchouli.  This is a true 60's era scent. Patchouli is great for the skin.  Men seem to like this woodsy herbal scent, as well as women, but remember, it is very Yippie Hippy appealing!  You have to really like patchouli to use this soap.  $4.50
Plum Spice -A wonderful berry-plum scent with notes of cinnamon and spice, a great scent for Christmas!  A limited supply is available most of the year, but it is more readily available in the Christmas season.  $4.50
Sandalwood - A woody bouquet of cedar and sandalwood with rose and jasmine.  This is a real favorite with men who like those three scents blended.  $4.50
Black Raspberry Vanilla - An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk and vanilla. Highly requested scent!  $4.50
Caribbean Breeze - A tropical paradise blend of coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. $4.50
Candy Cane -Seasonal:  A wonderful combination of fresh peppermint leaves and sweet ripened strawberries, on a dry down of vanilla.It is great any time of the year as a refreshing uplift of your spirit. Great for sinuses. $4.50
Cracklin' Birch -Seasonal:  Outdoors on a winter day...Simply amazing if we may say so ourselves!  Cracklin' Birch fragrance begins with top notes of bergamot, orange, and lemon; with middle notes of geranium, lily, and rose; and base notes of patchouli, vetiver, and tonka beans. $4.50
Carolina Christmas -Seasonal: No matter where you are, there is nothing finer than to be in Carolina on Christmas morning!  Christmas memories fragrance begins with top notes of orange peel and cranberry sauce; flowing nicely into middle notes of cinnamon sticks and freshly ground cloves; with base notes of evergreen and pine cones. $4.50 
Carolina Forest with Essential Oils - Fresh and woodsy, a great man's scent!  Women like it too!   $4.50
Cup-o-Java - Have a morning wake up call with real coffee, which is also great for the skin as a light exfolliant, and offering nutrients.  In the kitchen, you will appreciate how this coffee scrub soap helps eliminate odors from your hands.  $4.50
Sandalwood -This unisex fragrance embraces a romantic musk & sandalwood background, while providing the aroma of delicate winter flowers.  This scent is good year round. $4.50 
Grandpa's Pipe & Biker -This smells just like cherry pipe tobacco!  This strong pipe scent should only be used by those who like pipe scents or Harleys. $4.50
Tega Cay Rum - Warm and inviting.  Top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin and rum. Mid notes of apples, muguet, peach and ginger.  Nutty vanilla base notes with woody musk.  Very pleasant during any time of the year, especially the harvest time of the year throughout the Christmas Celebration Season.  A favorite with men and women!  $4.50
Rachael Renee English Rose - with real rose petals in the blend. Named for one of my students that made her debut in Heaven at age 14She loved the scent of roses.  The aroma of fresh cut roses with base notes of white musk and amber makes this a hit with rose lovers!  $4.50
Rosemary Mint - Rosemary is known to help with circulation. I discourage people with high blood pressure from using this soap, just in case! Rosemary uplifts your spirit also.  $4.50
Regular - Just plain good ol' Goat Milk & Shea soap with a clean smell. $4.50
Vanilla & Lace - If you like the romantic scent of Vanilla, you will like this Victoria Secret's duplication. A blend of French vanilla with African vanilla on a dry down of sweet flower and musk.If you like the scent of vanilla, you will enjoy a bath in this lavish Goat Milk soap. True vanilla will turn the soap a deep brown. In fact, the browning process occurs when vanilla is in the scent unless a vanilla stabilizer is used. We prefer to keep it as natural as possible. $4.50 
Consider ordering a gift set of coordinated scents. 
(We create body mists, soaps, lotions, aromatherapy beads, and bath salts with the scent of your choice, if it is available.)
We also offer a variety of Triple-Milled Glycerin and Herbal Soaps that are created just for you. We scent in the final process.
Did you know that most commercial bars of soap have been stripped of the natural humectants, such as Glycerin, which attracts moisture to the skin?  It has been said that the commercial bars should be called "chemical bars."  Not so with any of our product.  Your skin will enjoy the  the benefits of our rich soaps that are fashioned just for you!
Choose from a selection of about 200 moldsto grace almost every theme, holiday, season, and occasion.  Each bar is handcrafted, hand trimmed and hand packaged.
If there is a blend or mold you would like for us to use, please contact us.  We have a huge selection:
  • Seasonal: Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer
  • Asian Caligraphy
  • Holidays:Christmas, Hannakah, Valentines, July 4th, Thanksgiving
  • Lady Bugs, rabbits, duckies,  dinos, and novelties
  • Floral, Victorian, Love, Herbal, Angels, Cherubs
  • Politics, Independent, Democrat, Republican
  • Weddings, Baby Showers
  • Golf, Sports, Professions
  • Children's molds and novelty soaps are a delight for little hands to hold while bathing. We offer a safe organic liquid soap also, just for children or those with sensitive skin.  We have safe vinyl frogs, sharks, fish, duckies, ballerinas, pirates, cats, dogs, clowns, and many more! We can do party themes as well. Just ask!
  • We do local Birthday party activities safe for children.
  • Do you have a particular Scent that you enjoy?  Or is there a Designer Fragrance/Oilyou would delight in,  if it were at a price that begged you to try it? Contact us.  We may be able to duplicate the scent for you.  Because we do not use all of the "secret preservatives, alcohols or aldehydes that often cause headaches, you may be pleasantly surprised when you try our scents.  Our clients have commented that they do not have the headaches occurring when they walk into our showroom, as they commonly do when they walk into a mall or go by a perfume counter.  Keeping it as natural as possible is a benefit for everyone!
  • Aromatherapyis a delight for the soul as well as the senses. Our essential Oils are some of the finest in the world. We offer a variety of Diffuser Reeds, Jammin' Jel Uncandles, Room Sprays, as well  as Linen Sprays and Body Mists.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Indulge in a bath of our Mineral rich Dead Sea Salt Bath Blendwith Goat Milk. Real Lavender Essential Oil is used to enhance the aromatherapy of the experience!
  • More Bath Salt blends are available to suit the mood. 
  • We custom design Wedding Favors and Baby Shower Gifts just for you, as well as Birthdays, Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts, and other occasions such as Hostess gifts and Housewarming gifts.  Gift Baskets can be fashioned to fit your budget also.  We ship anywhere in the USA.
  • Custom Blended Creams,Lotions, and Shampoosmade Fresh for your order. Try our yogurt blend. Your pores will thank you! All of our lotions contain MSM, which is beneficial for your health, is a source of sulfur, the third most common mineral in the body:
  • Reduces discomfort in hands
  • May help with some unsightly scars
  • Restoring elasticity to the skin, especially after sunburn
  • Leaving your skin soft and smooth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reduced stress
  • Prices vary, depending on the blend, from $8.50 up. Please contact us regarding the blend in which you are interested.
  • Lavenderis atop seller in the lotions, creams and aromatherapy products, as is Mint.
  • Gracie Grapefruit -Our hottest seller right now!
  • Tega Cay Rumis a man's favorite, but women love it too!
  • Of course, Robin's Nest has a multitude of scents that we can use in the lotion as well. When you order, be sure to say whether or not you desire lightly scented, medium scented or heavily scented, which really is more of a Fragrance lotion or cream, rather tan a lotion that is being used for skin care.
  • If you have oily hair, you should try our Natural Shampoo with essential oils that stimulate the scalp, yet help dry the diminish the oil surplus in your hair. If you like mint, you will like this shampoo. We also make shampoos for normal and dry hair. By the way, Rosemary and lavender is excellent for your scalp and hair!

 Please Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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